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Abortion – My body, My choice.

All this talk of abortion has me feeling so many things. I know many women feel guilt and shame around having had an abortion. I mean after all you only have to see what’s going on in the media right now to realize why that is happening. Some women never talk about their abortion for

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Are you a carrot or tea leaves?

This is a little different to the transformation pictures we all normally see and love. A bit backwards if you please haha There are 10kgs difference between these two pictures. The one on the left is a woman who is finally at her goal weight of pre baby weight (when 18 years old) and her

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Love is…

Love is an action word. A doing word. A verb. This love we have could be authentically described as a magnetic soul interconnection that materialises when two people meet and look into the mirror of their own souls. It’s insightful to see all you have tried to escape reflected back at you in the eyes

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