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If you are breathing, you are living

“You feel so calm, your heart is beating slower” my husband said to me this morning. That is the result of my self-love and breath work workshop I participated in yesterday. The workshop kept popping up in my feed for weeks and for once instead of just jumping in like I tend to do I

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2018 New me? Not likely

2016 was the year I found me, the new me if you will. It’s the year I started doing the things I had only dreamed of previously. I signed up and completed a Habitats for Humanity home. I traveled for 3 weeks in America being the child that I never had the chance to be.

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Stay the Path

As I scroll through my Facebook memories I always see the inspirational quotes and statements I used to share. And all the people who would comment saying they loved my positivity or how reading that status changed their day or a myriad of other statements that were in support of what I was doing. Yet

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