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The end of 2022 saw my body kicking me in the ass with the biggest reminder that it’s not a normal body. Well in truth it’s been coming for a while but I have been ignoring it. I have felt the fluid in my joints and body slowly building but pretended I didn’t. I had

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My rapes caused my cancer

The first man who raped me joked about it with friends. The second man who raped me attended the nightclub I was a regular at. And I said nothing. My body felt it, my body wanted to scream, but I didn’t say a word. I stayed in those peoples vicinity. I thought if I said

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Experience Quantum Living

This weekend I had the privilege of attending Dr Espens Quantum Living Advanced 2 day event where we dug into each chakra and cleared blockages that stop us from vibrating at higher levels in life. I thought I was ready to stop with the personal development. I had laid down my learning cap ready to

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