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My insides betrayed me Pt 2

Part 2 of my Pancreatic Cancer journey

My Own Eulogy

Before we die, I will have roamed where the wild things are, I will have loved in all the spaces I was afraid to love, I will have lived by my own rules and broken those rules over and over again, I will have healed and broken and healed and broken again realising I was

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Listen to the experts! They know best!

Yes in many cases this can be completely true. However in some it can be untrue. For example – if I had listened to my GP instead of trusting my gut, my sons cholesteatoma would have grown to who knows what size and potentially worst case caused paralysis because he thought it was just an

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Guidance, knowing or avoiding responsibility?

The minute you think you know is the minute you know nothing. You have beliefs. Beliefs that you have a right to, just as everyone else has a right to theirs. NONE of us unequivocally know what is happening right now. Even if God himself has told you what is happening you are a human

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I take responsibility for my actions. Do you?

How often do you take responsibility for your actions and how they affect others or how you show up? It’s a buzz phrase these days for people to say well I say what I want and how you choose to take that is on you and it’s used as a way of being an ass

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The parenting stage no one talks about

I have reached a stage in my parenting journey that no one ever talks about. No one writes books saying this is how it’s done for this stage. Pregnancy, babies, toddlers, children, even teens are written about. But no one talks about the transition from being the parent raising a child to being a parent

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21 Day Vow of Silence

It’s been 21 days since I spoke a conscious word. Wow. I say conscious because there were a few times words slipped out without me even realizing. A few of those times were speaking to my cat and another few were swear words 😂 Heck even at the retreat I went to last year we

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The Surrender Experiment

Next time you want to say No, consider saying Yes. Because you just never know where it may lead you. Surrender has this beautiful way of giving you what you deeply need underneath what you think you want. Reading The Surrender Experiment by Michael A Singer has me thinking about the times in my life

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My 7 Day Water Fast

Now before I go any further I want to let you know that I have been water fasting since 2018 so I didn’t jump into this to follow a fad and I didn’t do it to lose weight. I have an amazing relationship with my body and I am learning more and more how to

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