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My Human Design

Human design = When your life and your traits actually start to finally make sense and you don’t feel like you are crazy anymore 😍 I am a Generator 2/4 ❤️ with a Right Angle across of Tension 2. I get to let go of the guilt I’ve felt for not desiring to be on

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I take responsibility for my actions. Do you?

How often do you take responsibility for your actions and how they affect others or how you show up? It’s a buzz phrase these days for people to say well I say what I want and how you choose to take that is on you and it’s used as a way of being an ass

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Loving my inner child

My wounded inner child visited me the other evening. All my stories came up. Im not worthy Nobody chose me Am I not good enough Nobody likes me Blah blah blah And I was in shock for a moment After all, I’ve done so much inner child work how could there possibly still be wounding

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