Flattery or imitation?

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Or so they say…

I want to know why it has become a statement like this rather than a question of

Why do you feel you like need to be someone else to be worthy/seen/loved etc?

Why, instead of doing things because you feel called to, do you do things because it’s what someone else is doing and may be successful in doing that?

Their success comes from them as a person.

It’s not a cookie cutter you can use to create your life.

That will never work, not long term at least, maybe in the interim it will, but if it’s you imitating someone else’s uniqueness then it’s not your vibration and it will fall to the wayside.

It’s nice to play in different realms to get a taste for what may feel like you, and when you do this it feels different to imitation.

And yes imitation is how we learn as a child.

But notice how a child may imitate but they will always end up with their own spin on whatever it may be?

When you become present with your heart you may just find that what the others are doing doesn’t feel right for you.

It doesn’t make it wrong for them.

It makes it wrong for you.

You truly need to become so intune with your hearts compass that no other person can cause you to stray from your path.

There is room for everyone in their magic.

People want to meet you, the real you, the one they can feel, as you.

You may see them pedastooling someone else. Please don’t make that mean you aren’t enough as you are.

There are meant to be all different nuances and vibrations of beings on this planet.

Just because you vibrate with one or a few right now does not mean you have to hold onto them with all your might.

Some people are just for now people.

And that’s ok.

If you stray from who you are as a person to be more like anyone else, you will not only lose them but you will lose yourself.

And that is the ultimate failure.

As I’ve said before and I’ll say it many times over –

You matter. YOU. As YOU. Not you as the person who you admire.

Never forget that.

Xo S

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