Broken wings no more

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On broken wings I’m falling

And it won’t be long

The skin on me is burning

By the fires of the sun

On skinned knees

I’m bleeding

And it won’t be long

I’ve got to find that meaning

And I’ll search for so long

Alterbridge lyrics

I used to relate to those lyrics so deeply.

It was my life.

That was how I was living.

Always searching for the next thing to fix me, heal me, make me better.

Every step I have taken has led me to where I am right now.

I would never take any of it back.

But did I make some of it harder for myself than it needed to be? Yes, yes I did.

I have found myself currently to be on my straight road of a path.

The forks that previously divided me gone.

I’m not creating the u-turns and roundabouts anymore.

I trust the path I see ahead.

Well, I actually am not seeing the path ahead. I can feel it though.

And other people are seeing it. Because they are finding it within themselves now.

It’s true when we say you can’t see what you are not.

Those people who are finding the flow and embodiment and feeling it are now coming to me and saying I can see how deeply this is who you are now. You aren’t out there trying to be it you just are it.

The last few years I’ve learnt I have an innate inner trust with life and God and what my life is going to be.

Not searching just flowing.

Triggering people who say you have to have a goal – you can’t live without a goal, because it’s so hard for some people to imagine living a life where you are not constantly searching for something or the next big thing.

And it’s quite funny that I have many posts on this website about goal setting.

But you will know it when it happens for you though.

When that penny drops and you take a moment and think woah I’m just living right now.

Not thinking about the next holiday or the next social media post or the next event, I’m just here.

And in that moment you will know true freedom.

Xo S

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