Your pain is not my pain


I am no longer a conduit for peoples pain.

I used to feel valued if I held peoples pain alongside them.

Like I had a reason to be in this world.

Yet now I know my value.

And I am a no to my body feeling run down because I chose to feel someone else’s pain for and with them.

My power lies in the energetic boundaries I hold for myself and those around me.

My ability to be present and calm is powerful and needed.

A statement was recently made while honouring me stating that if I weren’t as present and calming as I am the environment has the potential to become chaotic.

And this isn’t the first time that’s been said or seen. It’s a constant reflection given to me.

Many healers are caught up in taking away others pain when in actual fact the magic lies in supporting people to come home to themselves through feeling it themselves.

I refuse to be a party to anything that takes away your own power, ever.

As the saying goes you gotta feel it to heal it.


I’m here so you don’t get stuck in a trauma loop.

And I also don’t want to be a party to spaces that induce this in others. I am quite happy to remove myself if something isn’t feeling right.

I’ve had infinite confirmation of my painful healing finally coming to a close over the last week.

And it excites me to think of every person reaching this stage of KNOWING they are on the other side.

I never in a million years would have thought this was possible in the past.

Especially with so many coaches and healers selling the story of always needing something to be fixed or healed.

We all get to choose our own path.


And you know what – maybe I never was feeling what I thought I was. Maybe that was just another story.

Xo S

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