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Leaning into me

If you are facing off against your shit storm then you are in a minority as the majority of people won’t. Today for our last live call in the Hustle with Heart program we had an amazing call with Emily Gallagher from Conscious Boss and wow (I think that’s my favourite word at the moment!

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Boss Society 2018

Surround yourself with those who inspire you and force you to level up. It’s something we often hear but who actually takes heed? I’m always looking to be surrounded by people chasing their dreams and goals. Not only because it inspires me but also because it forces me to look at myself and what I

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2018 New me? Not likely

2016 was the year I found me, the new me if you will. It’s the year I started doing the things I had only dreamed of previously. I signed up and completed a Habitats for Humanity home. I traveled for 3 weeks in America being the child that I never had the chance to be.

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