Category: Motherhood

Empty nest and Self Love

This morning I said to a friend my kids are on school holidays so I’m more free with my time since I don’t have to worry about drop off or pick up. Then I realized it’s singular now – I have a child at school, not plural. My children are growing up. My oldest just

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Abortion – My body, My choice.

All this talk of abortion has me feeling so many things. I know many women feel guilt and shame around having had an abortion. I mean after all you only have to see what’s going on in the media right now to realize why that is happening. Some women never talk about their abortion for

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Leaning into me

If you are facing off against your shit storm then you are in a minority as the majority of people won’t. Today for our last live call in the Hustle with Heart program we had an amazing call with Emily Gallagher from Conscious Boss and wow (I think that’s my favourite word at the moment!

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