Witnessing our children in love

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Witnessing my children in their own adult loving relationships is a gift I had no idea I could love so much.

Knowing that the way Rory and I have loved each other throughout their years of growing up ultimately has had an impact on who they choose to be in relationship with and how they choose to do so has me ever so grateful for the way Rory and I have chosen each other time and again.

Seeing my daughter be loved and cherished and provided for in so many ways by her fiancé makes me heart melt.

Seeing my son love and cherish his baby daughter and her mum has my heart melt.

And even my 14 year old and the way he is with his gf and how he supports her at that time of the month makes me heart melt.

And even witnessing all of them through their moments of disagreements has my heart melt.

Because I know we have taught them that love isn’t perfect every moment of every day. They aren’t chasing a fairytale. They have witnessed true love and what it takes.

Life is just full of heart melting moments right now.

Every time I think there is no possible way I could feel any happier than I do right now, my heart gets bigger and I find more and it’s mind boggling.

Xo S 😍

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