Do you believe mothering uses our masculine qualities?

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I have heard people say that being in the mother role is using our masculine side to lead our children.

Well, it’s normally been women without children who have made statements such as this. (No hate, just an observation)

In reality, or my personal belief, it’s our feminine side because our children lead us.

They want to eat – we feed them.

They want a cuddle- we cuddle them.

They want us to rock them to sleep – we rock them to sleep.

We surrender to their wants and needs.

And it’s often not just our own children we do this for.

It’s an innate inner feeling that we have.

I didn’t even want any children and it came so naturally to me. I did grow up with lots of cousins to practice with though.

There is a reason babies are born with the ability to cry and to suckle.

These are the only two things they need to survive with parents who know and trust how to listen to them.

Adults seem to love to complicate things.

Instead of trusting these two things they listen to advice that says you need to wake them from sleep to feed them every four hours so they get into a routine. Tip: You don’t. Well if baby is gaining weight and happy you don’t need to worry.

Although I do understand formula feeding is slightly different to breastfeeding as well. But hey if you desire to wake them every four hours you go for it, I’m simply saying you don’t have to if you’ve been told you do.

As long as everything else is going well.

As someone who is now a Glamma I am bombarded with all the info that is now out there.

It astounds me and leads me to believe it’s no wonder people are scared/anxious/nervous going into the parenting gig.

And I mean, it’s not easy so I get the nerves.

My advice is and always will be to trust your intuition. Trust your gut.

Create a relationship with your body so you can understand it’s cues for messages so that when baby is here you know when all is well and when it isn’t.

If you let your baby lead you, you cannot go wrong. They chose you as a parent for a reason. Trust yourself.

And in all this – this does not mean to sacrifice your needs either. They are most important. You will be unable to offer this motherhood to your children if you aren’t tending to the needs of yourself first.

Children are the most intune of all of us on this planet. They will feel it if you aren’t coming from a full cup. The tiniest piece of resentment those little humans will pick up on and you will watch them grow upset and angry right alongside you.

You matter! Always!

Xo S

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