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Lone Wolf stage is over

I don’t want to do this alone I’ve realized I don’t have to do this alone Any of it. There are so many amazing, powerful, inspirational women and men out there doing this work. I get to work with them. We get to create together. I want to co-create. I want to support. I want

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She is You

Dreamweaver Soul awakening Magic fire within Passionate Motivated Mind open, exploring The stars shine The universe knows Enveloped in the earth The dew drops tenderly kiss her face The moon smiles with her The tears silently stream the gratitude for what she is here to fulfil She is held So deeply by the sisters who

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When I was on a call to discuss about becoming a facilitator for a collective there was a moment that bought tears to my eyes. That moment was when she was describing the moment someone is coming out of their darkness and we get to witness that freedom in their eyes, the realization that they

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