I am not for the masses

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I’m not for the masses.

I am not here to share things that everyone agrees with.

I am not here to worry about if what I’m saying will resonate or trigger.

I am not here for perfection.

I am not here to only post good photos of myself and feed into the matrix causing so many women to feel they aren’t enough unless they are perfect.

I’m not here to make friends with everyone.

And by friends I mean have close relationships. I can get along with and love people but that does not mean I will have them in my close circle.

I am here for the mistakes.

I am here for the ups and downs.

I am here for people to know that they are not alone.

I am here so that people know that you can make it to the other side of suicidal tendencies. Sometimes I wish I knew how to do this better so that no one takes that choice ever again 💔

I am here to show that you can survive cancer.

I am here to show that you can have a DV next to basically every relationship in your close family tree and still be a loving, caring human.

I am here to show that you don’t have to pay to have close friendships with people or have people in your life. If you are in mine it’s because I choose you to be here. Not because you pay me to be.

I am here to show that you can fuck it all up and at the same time realise that it’s not really fucked up.

I am here to show that even when you think you have gotten it wrong, something can happen that can make you realise there is something right on the other side.

I have shared more of myself than most people would ever want anyone to know about themselves.

Maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe I just know that when I own something about myself no one can ever try use it against me to try make me feel shit.

I am here for that.

People come and go in my life. Sometimes it really sucks when they leave.

I used to allow that to stop me from connecting because of my abandonment wounds. I used to make that mean I wasn’t good enough or I had done something wrong.

Now if I feel connection with another human, I allow that connection to flourish in that moment and every moment afterward that it is there.

Knowing that if it ends, it was beautiful while it happened and I was exactly the human I desire to be and not who I thought others wanted me to be.

Every moment is a new moment in my life.

I may not be for everyone. But I know I am for me. Most of the time anyway.

And if I help others to come home to themselves purely from being me then my job on earth is being done.

We get to stop wearing those masks we use to fit in.

We get to stop hiding how we truly feel.

We get to stop keeping the way something makes us feel hidden.

Because when we stop those things, the people who love who you truly are will come into your life.

You will no longer feed the story of not being enough or being too much when you are surrounded by those who love and cherish every part of your being, because that is who you are being.

Wearing a ‘mask’ only feeds the projection of needing to be someone else because you constantly get confirmation when you wear one and people say they love you while you are.

So while I am here to be me, I truly hope that you get to be here to be you.

Xo S

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