Don’t forget where you started


This is my opinion – take it or leave it…

The biggest problem in the world right now is people have forgotten where they came from.

We forget that sharing the knowledge we have now, came with all our experiences in life and to get to where we are now we had to go through different experiences and happenings to reach the current mindset.

Learn to meet people where they are at.

Speak to their current experience instead of your own.

Instead of telling them how to think, act, speak and feel.

Allow them to experience the world themselves.

Realise people need to take their own steps. Life can’t be rushed through by telling people how to live it from where you are at.

Many people have an automatic ‘I am not listening’ shield that comes up when you speak what others deem as harshly.

Watch your words.

You might come from an energy of love and responsibility but someone in some form of trauma/triggering is not going to receive it that way.

If that’s who you truly want to help see through the lies then not speaking from a place of degradation to others could actually draw them in.

Speaking to a wider audience instead of just your yes men could potentially get your message further if desiring to help humanity is your true aim.

This is where some study could potentially help you. Understanding humans and how we operate is an actual skill to nurture.

Speaking to someone in a way they can truly hear you is not manipulating.

Understand where they are at and you may just help them to where they desire to go when they decide to go there.

And if they don’t desire to go where you are then that’s their choice.

Don’t stand there and say that people judging, ridiculing and shaming shows where they are at, at the same time you judge, ridicule and shame others for the way they do things because you view their actions as wrong.

That doesn’t create an energy of safety and make me want to hire you as my mentor if all you do is the above things.

But that’s my perspective. Others will also be drawn to those who do those things because of where they are at in life and that’s ok too.

We are all just walking ourselves down our own paths to find our way home. There is no wrong path, there is no fast track, it’s just ourselves and our paths and the people we meet along the way.

What energy do you find yourself drawn to when on social media?

Xo S

5 comments on “Don’t forget where you started”

  1. Yes those are my favourite people to find on social media as well. I have learnt many a thing and been inspired so often by people like that 😍❤️ Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! ☺️


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