Love Allows

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Do you truly understand what it means to say I Love You?

Most people confuse need and want with Love.

So they don’t really understand what it means to truly love someone.

To truly love someone means to allow them to be fully free and allow yourself to be fully free.

How many of us have allowed others to control us in relationships?

You can’t go here. You can’t wear that. You can’t speak to them. You can’t do anything without me. The list goes on.

Society has told us that jealousy means someone loves you.

When in all honesty feeling those feelings of envy or jealousy is simply a desire to have something that other person has. And also a distrust that what you are experiencing isn’t real and you could lose it.

So don’t listen to society. There is a lot of pain floating around inside society’s heads and bodies and we continue to carry on that pain for the future the longer we embrace it.

Secrecy and lies aren’t love either.

Open, clear, honest communication can overcome so many of today’s relationship issues.

Love let’s go. Need holds on.

Xo S

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