Guidance, knowing or avoiding responsibility?

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The minute you think you know is the minute you know nothing.

You have beliefs. Beliefs that you have a right to, just as everyone else has a right to theirs.

NONE of us unequivocally know what is happening right now.

Even if God himself has told you what is happening you are a human hearing through your own perceptions and beliefs.

And beliefs and perceptions are forever evolving.

So unless you had sex with that gross old man to get the insider info, have worked on the jab and viewed the plans to take over humanity, or all the other possibilities for life right now,

Then sit down because you don’t actually know anything.

No matter what you see, hear or feel it still goes through YOUR filter.

What you believe and search for information to confirm, you will find, as will other people who believe differently.

I don’t care if your guides, spirit, God, Mother Earth, Plant Medicine told you, you are still using your own human body and mindset that you have cultivated.

And every second post on social media I see these days is about someone being told something from their guides.

Does anyone else think this is the new age version of God?

And perhaps subsequently the new age way of not taking responsibility for actions or decisions?

“If my guides told me to do it then that’s what I do.” My guides know what they are talking about. Can’t be my fault if my guides told me to…

In my life I’ve seen (and done) ask God, ask the plants, ask my womb and now for the moment it’s I asked my guides…

It makes me wonder who we will be seeking guidance from next? Is there anything or anyone left to ask?

My guides told me to say…

My guides told me to do…

I trust my guides…

How about trusting your self – your own human?

Why is it always external? Humans have faults but that’s the point of the human existence isn’t it? To live imperfectly only to come back home and realise we are not separate?

Did we not come here to experience the full depth of life? Do we not still have free will and always get to make our own choices?

Full ownership and responsibility of my life is what I choose. Deep surrender is where I am happy.

What that means for me may mean different for you and that is perfect.

I’m not saying don’t connect with source or your guides.

That connection is deeply important.

I do it myself so that’s not what this is about at all.

Perhaps just have a little faith in your self as well.

The choices you ultimately make no matter where the guidance comes from are still your choices.

I’m sure your guides would tell you the same. They may lead you to where you need or desire to go but you still ultimately make the choice.

What do you think?

Do you choose to take responsibility for your choices or is it an outside deciding factor for you?

I have been told many times my guides are standing there waiting for me to make a decision. I see them crossing their arms like “hurry up Shannii” which just confirms for me that ultimately it is my choice.

So saying my guides told me to do something would defeat the purpose in my eyes.

We may be from the same infinite source but we are still magical, powerful, complete beings of our own.

Xo S

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