Becoming a facilitator


Recently I spent 8 months working towards being the most epic facilitator that if I had met somewhere along in my journey I would be so grateful to have enter my life.

This wasn’t another thing to add to my qualifications. This was the one my soul led me to. The one like no other course I have ever come across.

The work that I had been taking part in and learning has been like no other training I have ever received.

My life has led me to this point.

I am a lifetime student and yet this was everything.

All the abuse, sexual trauma, Pancreatic Cancer, relationship ups and downs, parenting adventures and beyond have truly given me the gift of understanding.

The gift of knowing that a true facilitator doesn’t do any of the things for you but rather helps you to see your life from your own eyes in different ways you may not have considered.

A guide to join you in your self discovery journey.

I have had many guides throughout my journey and I have the deepest gratitude for each and every one of them.

They have shown me places within myself that I had no idea existed.

The have traversed some of the deepest canyons of my heart with me and seen me through to the other side.

I always knew my path was leading me somewhere that would involve my innate love and caring that emanates from my soul.

Life has been my greatest training ground but now I have the tools to help use those experiences to guide others.

An experience like none other that I have ever had.

We are not broken, we do not need fixing.

Sometimes we just need another pair of eyes to help us see clearer and another voice to remind us of what is possible.

I have grown from the woman who could not look in the mirror without crying, who could not say she loved herself, who did anything to hide from the hurt and pain she had experienced in her life –

To a woman who is not shy to stand in her truth, who can look into any mirror, be that an actual mirror or another persons eyes, and see her own beauty and strength and power, with all the tools she could possibly imagine to help with anything that she may experience in the future.

If you are ready to experience these tools and truly realise your inner power please reach out.

I would be honoured to serve you in your journey.

Xo S

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