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Eyes see but they also listen

To the light, to the dark, to the all and the nothing

We see and yet we can be blind

We can be blind and yet we can see

Visions unfolding within our beings

Observations made that we think are clear

Our eyes recognize a truth buried deep within our bones

Dilated they drink in everything offered to them

Hungrily slurping and sucking and gnawing at every minuscule shred of delicious delicacies

Contracted only means the information received arrives differently

Often misconstrued our eyes can deceive us

Messages floating in untruthful and hurtful

We look deeper, we desire to look deeper

Sometimes unknowing that our eyes are telling lies

Lies that can destroy and destabilize

Lies that can kill

Our eyes tell lies that we take within

Yet they also tell of beauty

Of colours and shapes and moments in time

A beauty that only the eyes can gift us

Do your eyes choose beauty or do they choose the lies?

Do they drink in the prisms of nature or do they invalidate with a connection to the brain that speaks hurt?

Do we honour the gift that eyesight bestows upon us or do we throw it into a pit of fire to burn away into nothingness and be forgotten?

Do we give thanks for the rays of light that beam down upon us as we gaze out into the blue sky days or do we wait for the dreary gray stormy skies to return?

Do we see the gray sky as a nuisance or as the beauty of nourishing life giving sustenance mama earth is needing?

You see, we see, yet do you and I truly see?

Or is it all just a trick of perception that one day we wake up from and say wow that was a fun ride?

And then, perhaps softly, or perhaps not, we say let’s do it again.

And so we do.

And this time we vow to see things and people differently.

We have chosen to see the truth in the beauty and the pain.

I am choosing to see, are you?

Xo S

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