Bored with it all


I am so bored with the “I got my vaccine” posts 🙄

I am so bored with the “I’m never getting that vaccine” posts 🙄

I am so bored with the mind control and bullshit and holier than thou attitudes being shared on social media.

I am so bored with the people who say they don’t only get their information from MSM yet it’s blatantly obvious by the words that they speak that they do.

I am so bored of the conversations that revolve around this current shitstorm.

I am absolutely tired and bored of the one sided nature humans seem to have taken.

Apparently everyone is now a teacher and feels the need to educate. I cannot open social media without some educational piece on all the crap and why you should or why you shouldn’t and then there is a debate happening in the comments from both ‘sides’ and who thinks their information is best.

You know what I’m not bored with though?

The way many of the amazing humans in my life are living life.

The way we all share hugs and kisses and laughs and go about our daily lives.

The way each and everyone of us is making our own contributions to this world without needing to broadcast it for the entire social media world to see.

If I am at a table and you bring up the same conversation over and over you will see me roll my eyes. I can’t help it.

And that’s not because I don’t care. Or because I’m bypassing.

I am just a person who gets both ‘sides’ of the conversation.

Don’t tell me you are laughing when people look scared because you aren’t wearing a mask. I don’t want to hear it.

Don’t speak about how someone is ‘blind and dumb’ because they aren’t wearing a mask and you “know” more than they do. I don’t want to hear that either.

I don’t know any people who learn by being degraded and shut down.

If you truly want people to listen to what you are saying that would be a key thing for you to remember.

I know what my truth is without needing to attach to it.

I don’t have to identify with a side because the conflict is not who I am.

You say I need to choose light over darkness.

Fight the evil with love.

And yet we can’t have one without the other.

I will play in my shadows as long as I need to at the same time as being the essence of love, or trying my best to be that at the very least.

Love can be rage and fury. It can also be tears and compassion.

Just because the way I ‘fight’ or ‘love’ looks different to how someone else does it, does not mean I am doing nothing.

Just because I’m not coming out guns blazing 100% of the time does not mean I’m stuck in a love and light spiritual bypassing adventure ignoring what’s happening in the world.

I’m holding the line for me in whatever way I need to.

Conversations at my table need to be deep and connecting and daring and whimsical and empowering and transmuting and feeling, with whatever joy, love, anger or any other emotion that shows up, real and raw and personal. Within not outside of ourselves.

I am pro-living life on your terms and being able to choose what happens with your body and not being made out to be a drain on society if you choose differently to the narrative.

Whether that is smoking cigarettes or drugs, getting drunk daily or weekly, eating shit food, or having a vaccine that has no long term studies done, I am pro you and I being able to choose to do that.

So stop sending me messages and videos and tagging me in things. I am educated enough and aware of everything that is happening and I do not need anyone else to force it on me.

I live a life committed to learning who I am and I am unafraid to go looking for answers if I have trouble finding some for myself.

What are you committed to, within yourself?

Xo S

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