She Moves Me

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I have abandoned myself to life and the way she moves me.

The shifting, the weaving, the paths lit with soulful light.

The way life has met me at my edges and then shown me the way those edges can move.

The way life has allowed love to fill my being and rip me apart at the same time.

The way life has this way of saying peek-a-boo when you aren’t paying attention.

The way life courses through my veins with every heartbeat.

The way life has shown me that darkness is the beginning of all creation and isn’t to be feared.

The way life builds in anticipation each and every day and diminishes at the same time without ever losing its value.

The way life can be found in the minuscule moments like a tear drop or the unrelenting bigness of a hurricane tormenting a coastal town.

When life moves me I let her.

I feel the prickles on my skin when her presence is being unrelenting in her service.

Life, she gives me all the answers.

Even when I’m not listening, Life has the answer.

Abandoning myself to the magic of life moves my heart beat with the fervor of a woman about to experience her first kiss.

Romance and seduction, passion and rage, grief and sadness, joy and compassion,

Life moves me in all these ways and more.

The delicate essence often pulsing in my body during those moments of ecstasy I gravitate towards.

Life, she moves me, and I follow.

Xo S

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