Wisdom of the Womb

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Wisdom within

She calls me

Laced with her magic and mystery she creates from the void

In darkness she responds

In darkness her pulsing magnetic mystery calls forth those of us who pay attention

Tidal her life flows effortlessly

She communes with the moon and dances with the wonder of new life

From her, new life is born

As she sheds her lining she asks us to open and listen

As she paints the canvas with her crimson hues of what’s no longer needed I feel her

She guides us to our deepest depths within

She bares knowledge meant only for those of us inspired with connection

Memories of our ancestors beat within her walls

She carries the strength of all the women who have come before us

She asks us to listen

She asks us to connect

Feel her, love her, be with her

She is the key to a portal of untapped, infinite creation beyond the mysteries of the world deeper than our minds could ever imagine.

Open to her, this portal of wisdom

This tapestry of tender loving moments she asks us to experience as we enter our inner winter moments

No need to push, or pull, just flow

She asks us to flow, she shows us how to flow

Do you allow the flow or do you block her rivers of unwavering unfiltered guidance and love?

She is the cave I was born from and the cave I have birthed from

She has created me and she supports me in all the threads of the weaving of my desires.

Womb wisdom, let it flow, let it guide you to the edges of your desires.

Let her flow through you.

Xo S

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