How to live your life fulfilled


My life is out of this world these days.

Friendships are magical.

Sex is on fire.

My home is my safe space.

And what changed to make it all like this?

Oh, only everything.

I would love to say nothing happened. Life just got great. But I would be lying.

I’ve traversed the depths of my traumas, welcomed in my inner child, forgiven things that others never want to, learnt a fuck ton of ‘stuff’ and committed over and over again to being the version of myself that I enjoy.

No matter how it looks.

Sometimes it looks like laughing and having the best times.

Other days it looks like throwing a tantrum and screaming and crying on a beach.

But overall the biggest change has been with my voice.

I no longer hide what I am feeling or desiring to say for fear of what others might think of me.

I am open and honest about what I do and don’t like with my hubby.

My voice is it’s own zip code now.

When she roars you will hear her.

And the feelings, oh the feelings, sometimes I wonder how I ever used to hold a blank stare while going through a massive upheaval in my life.

You will often see me crying these days, especially when there are beautiful things being said by me, to me, in front of me.

I feel it all and I’m not ashamed of it.

The rage, the passion, the sadness, the grief, the joy, the play.

I feel it all, and man it feels good to do that.

I look back on my journey and feel immense gratitude for the life I have lived.

I feel even deeper gratitude for the life I am now living and will continue to live in the future.

So if you were to ask me my tips to live a life fulfilled they would be:

1. Your voice matters. If you feel it speak into it.

2. Pause when you want to rush during sex, trust me it’s worth it.

3. If you want it you can have it, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to come easily.

4. Don’t be afraid to ‘work’ on your traumas. That’s where the gold is hidden.

5. Your inner child will change your world. Start connecting with them now.

6. Don’t just allow anybody into your home space. Energy is real and each person leaves an imprint and when you let every single person into your home the energy can be either built up or torn down.

7. Have a hobby. Don’t turn it into a business. Keep it for your creative relaxation.

8. Lay naked on the grass at every opportunity you have. (You didn’t really think I would have a list and not have something nude on it, did you?)

9. Don’t get too caught up on knowing everything. Knowledge comes with time, so just enjoy and pace yourself. (PS: you will never know everything)

10. If living in the now scares you, too bad, there is only the now. The past is gone and the future is ever evolving. You are evolving too. Don’t punish yourself for deciding you don’t want to do something anymore. Just move on.

Well this was meant to be an Instagram post but apparently that went out the window.

Trusting what I receive and sharing that is also something I now do without shame that has helped change my life.

Remember – the small things add up to the big things.

Xo S

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