I Am

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I am all, everything and nothing.

I am a wild woman unafraid to step into the darkness.

I am a transmuter, my body is magic. I don’t fear the darkness, she is but one of my homes.

I know how to turn poison into medicine.

I know how to weave the magic of your soul into your daily living.

I share when I feel called to share and I listen with more intention than at any other moment during life.

The things I don’t resonate with I leave for others to delve into.

For we aren’t all here to be the same and do the same and experience the same moments in time.

I am a woman whose full rawness can be felt when she is called to share her roar.

I am a woman uninspired to be caught up in the next big thing and follow the next trend.

I have an invisibility cloak that I choose to put on and take off and this is just one of my superpowers.

I swim in the lakes and oceans as a mermaid and I flutter around the earth as a fairy. Merfairy is just one of my me’s.

I cuddle and purr like a cat and sheath my claws unless they are required to protect those I love.

I let life open me over and over and make love with her in more ways than fathomable.

I have worn the burden of doing the right thing and caring about everyone else so, that I finally realized how much I deserve all of that for myself.

My home is my safe space and god help you if you desire to break into it.

I am here to be a stand for the woman who haven’t known their own power.

I am here to guide those who wish beyond their own limitations.

I have found the portal to my power.

Have you?

Xo S

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