What I learnt being makeup and alcohol free


In 2019 I did the year Makeup free and also alcohol free.

So many times I was told I was crazy.

I was often asked why?

My why was that I had noticed I was starting to use Makeup as a crutch and didn’t feel good without it so I wanted to challenge myself to go back to life before that happened.

And the alcohol was simple. A high percentage of my family drink alcohol very regularly. It’s a coping mechanism. Hard day? Have a drink. Lost someone? Have a drink. Happy birthday have a drink. Alcohol has always been present. Hell I got drunk for my first time at 11 years old.

So I wanted to do the year without it and see what evolved within myself without having that to fall back on.

I was challenged in the first month.

My family telling me I had to have shots for my mums birthday and that they wouldn’t tell anyone so no one would know.

Thankfully I know the meaning of integrity and when I say I choose to live with that I mean it. So I said No of course.

Then came my first event at the end of that month. A beautiful VIP dinner where I knew all the women attending would be looking absolutely stunning while I would be not drinking and make up free.

Not able to use the crutch of having a drink to loosen up and feeling like the ugly duckling in the room was an interesting experience.

It was also the year I traveled to 4 different countries as well. No having a drink to try fit in with those I met when they were drinking either. And no makeup to hide my sunburnt face when I accidentally found myself burnt.

But you know what happened by the end of the year?

I became in love with just brushing my hair and chucking on a dress and shoes to go out for an event or a nice dinner.

I noticed less invitations to go to things as people thought since I wasn’t drinking I wouldn’t want to be around people who were.

Interesting projection on their behalf.

I went from seeing circles under my eyes as ewww gross I need to cover them up to oh cool doesn’t look like I slept much last night.

The way I looked at myself changed in so many ways.

And what’s funny is I set the rule of if I drink or wear makeup I have to shave my head. At the time that was scary enough for me to make sure I stuck with my challenge.

I would need a new, scarier thing as a consequence now because shaving my head just isn’t scary anymore.

And that is just another sign of growth right there isn’t it.

That realization I’m not my hair, the makeup I wear, or the alcohol I drink.

I truly know who I am without all of the ‘stuff’.

And that is a big win in my books.

Have you ever found yourself in any of these moments before? If so, what did you do?

If not, what is something that scares you that you could commit to as a challenge and growth exercise?

Xo S

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