Let your feet move you

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As our feet move forward

As they carry us to our next destination

As they move our souls forward to the deepest desires of the longing of our hearts

We nurture them

Letting our feet dance our mysteries into the darkness

Letting our feet dabble in the misty cool water of the ocean at sunrise

They receive the unseen signals and healing from the earth while we gaze lazily at the pastel blue hued sky

As they tingle and tickle while carrying us forward, let us never forget the gifts of healing our feet give us.

May we be reminded of the first time our soles touched sand, or felt the caress of a lover, or sloshed about in the mud.

May we remember the infinite ways of travel they have carried us forward.

May we remember the times our feet have kept us steady when we wanted to crumble.

Grounded to the earth they remain

Connected to the centre of the universe they help us continue to be

In moments of grief they can take us to a space we need to be, and heal us

Purely through their connection

Take those shoes off

Walk barefoot on the earth

It’s time to say thank you

Pitter patter, tip toe, stomp stomp

No matter how the sound may ring in our ears

May we remember all the times our feet have carried us

And so I say

Thank you

Xo S

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