It’s been a bad week

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This past week has been a shit one.

Yep I said it.

I have felt all over the show emotion wise, without an evident reason.

But then my husband injured himself really badly on his bike and now is struggling to walk, which means he can’t be out in the truck, which means paying an extra wage on top of his because he gets paid either way.

The fuel didn’t get turned off on the mini bike so it leaked in the garage which led to the house stinking like fuel.

To which my car then was engulfed in the fumes, and when I hopped in to drive it affected me and I reversed into our truck putting a nice hole in the bumper and feeling like an idiot. Or maybe it wasn’t the fumes and I really was just stupid 🤷🏽‍♀️

I also hit two gutters while driving because I was going dizzy from the fumes and seeing things. I should not have been driving at that moment. But the hubby wanted food so I had to go get it for him 😂

People owe us money in the business who now aren’t answering calls or emails. Money that we have already paid.

So I am over it.

And we are renewing our vows in a few weeks and now my hubby can’t walk to even get the yard ready.

Throw the current world state in on that and what we have is a good old whirlwind of a time.

So I’m not great right now. I cry on and off at random times and crack up in laughter at others.

It’s just one of those weeks, you know what I’m saying?

Yes I have the tools to process and feel.

And – it’s ok to have weeks where you feel this way so I wanted to share so others would know.

Human means experiencing everything. Just because we have all the tools to help us along the way does not mean that these types of days and weeks won’t happen.

It’s just means that we can see it for what it is and experience it and then when ready we are able to completely let it go.

Not a surface level yes I am good but a true deep processing and letting go of everything that is needed to be gone.

So while I navigate this temporary storm of mine I think to myself about how much I do actually love storms and how much beauty is normally on the other side.

Take care my loves ❤️

And don’t get stuck in the hole. You can get out. I promise.

Xo S

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