I don’t want to be your guru

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I have never had a desire to be anyone’s guru.

I have never had a desire to be the next (Insert well known leaders name here)

I have only ever had the desire to be the truest, fullest expression of myself however that looks in each and every moment.

I deeply believe that no one heals anyone except themselves.

Any Coach, therapist, facilitator in your life is simply there to hold a mirror up to the parts of yourself that you may not see on your own.

So stop pedastooling. If you see something amazing in them it’s because it is available to you if you choose it.

You don’t need to be buying everything they do just so you have access to it.

It is already within in. No pedastooling required.

They are simply there showing you the doors available for you to walk through if you choose.

They are there to share tips and tools to help you on this journey of life that, before them, you may not have been aware of.

And to be honest, the idea of someone perhaps thinking of me as a guru or pedastooling me as someone higher than them horrifies me. And it had held me back from ever fully allowing myself to go there in the facilitation space.

Part of my life purpose is to support the change makers in the world.

Supporting and holding space is my magic and my happy place.

Having life changing conversations with clients lights me up in a way I had no idea was possible.

But the thing that lights me up the most is the fact that I just weave the way in the conversation for my clients to come to their own conclusions.

It has me jumping for joy when I hear a client on the other end have a profound realization that they came to themselves.

Powerful questions make life changing moments.

I am forever grateful for the people who have entered my life, coached and facilitated for me and with me, and asked me powerful questions that gave me the realizations that changed my life.

Yes I’ve done all the work and experienced life myself but without those moments with those epic humans, and the epic humans to come that I know will enter my life and bring even more change with them, I wouldn’t be the strong, resilient woman I am today.

When they say you become those you surround yourself with they really aren’t lying.

I have some epic humans creating massive shifts in the world in my sphere who inspire me every single day.

Most of the time I succeed with being inspired, but there are also some days I go into comparison mode as well. Feeling like I am not doing enough.

But then I remember that having people like this around me just shows what is available in my life to me. And for that I am thankful.

And those epic humans don’t believe in pedastooling either. We are all equal. No amount of money, acquaintances, status or material items make any one above another.

There are no gurus in my circle.

And I desire to keep it that way.

So remember the next time you think someone is above you, or you aren’t good enough to be around them, they are normal humans who piss and shit and cry and scream too.

All of us are human.

Xo S

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