More listening. Less speaking.

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Blah blah fucking blah

🗣I’m better than you

🗣You don’t know as much as me

🗣I’m more spiritual than you

🗣I do the real work unlike these other fakes

🗣I can’t believe you act that way when you are supposed to be a role model

I’m so over it!

You know the sayings I love the most right now?

The biggest changes come from the silence.

Or how about

The one who speaks is the one who needs to hear what they are saying.

Or the best one yet

Follow your own path and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

Food for thought 💭

People find the teachers/mentors they resonate with the most for where they are at in their journey.

And that is none of your business.

I have had mentors that I wouldn’t go back to now because I am at a different stage and the way they teach now doesn’t resonate with me.

I’ve had mentors who are one thing online and totally different in real life which didn’t feel authentic for me when I started to find my inner truth.

But at the time they were my greatest teachers for what I was experiencing.

Instead of commenting on how others are doing their life’s work how about concentrating on those who resonate with you instead.

Be it friendships, work, play, whatever it is – find your way to do it instead of spending time talking about how others could be doing it better (according to your perceptions)

Remember – opinions are not the same as facts 💥

And that’s my two cents for today.

Xo S

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