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More listening. Less speaking.

Blah blah fucking blah 🗣I’m better than you 🗣You don’t know as much as me 🗣I’m more spiritual than you 🗣I do the real work unlike these other fakes 🗣I can’t believe you act that way when you are supposed to be a role model I’m so over it! You know the sayings I love

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Alone = feeling good?

5 days supporting a life changing retreat. My son-in-laws 21st. Then one of my sisters 40th birthday weekend. All people I love. All things I love doing. And also here I find myself desiring to be alone more than I have in a long time. Feeling like I need to be everywhere and yet belong

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21 Day Vow of Silence

It’s been 21 days since I spoke a conscious word. Wow. I say conscious because there were a few times words slipped out without me even realizing. A few of those times were speaking to my cat and another few were swear words 😂 Heck even at the retreat I went to last year we

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