Is it a trauma response?

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People think that dealing with things on your own is a trauma response.

And it can be. Sometimes.

But other times it’s needed because sometimes it’s your own voice that needs to be heard and in a sea of other opinions, no matter how well meaning, your own voice can get drowned out.

No matter how much people may try to offer help without letting their own influences cloud their opinions, their experience is always going to be a part of it.

The world is a noisy place. Silence is scarce.

Silence is sacred for me.

I always find myself and my voice in the silence.

I always emerge with a greater understanding of the things I’m experiencing when I go within.

Without the noise. Without the extra voices. Without the extra fluff.

And when I find what I need to find, then I may be open to allowing other voices to speak with me.

It’s who I am. It’s who I’ve always been. And because of being told it’s a trauma response and I have to let people in I stopped doing that.

I have enough awareness now to know when I need to only hear my own voice and when I don’t.

And when I don’t I’m an in-person type of person. Always have been. Phones have made people complacent in relationships.

I’m guilty of this. Sending a message to someone in the same house instead of going to talk to them.

I dislike drop in visitors but visitors are nice.

I need to mentally prepare myself for interaction so a drop in visit may leave you feeling like I didn’t want you here. That’s not true. I just wasn’t ready.

Because, my silence is sacred.

I love how quiet my mind gets when I stop talking. Once all the craziness of thoughts have finished being thrown around the stillness is beautiful.

And I love having a giggle when people try to fill the silence with the mundane, worried that if they don’t say something it means the space is wasted.

The silent spaces are never wasted.

There are moments of realization in those spaces.

There are spaces of recognition.

There are many a-ha moments that happen when you allow a moment of silence.

When was the last time you allowed silence in your space?

Xo S

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