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Strength and power doesn’t always roar

“Argh that’s enough” I exclaimed as I held my hands up in the stop symbol. I stood there in the middle of the room not saying a word after that. There had been yelling, blaming, retaliating happening. But as I stood there in my quiet power the anger dissipated. Most people in my presence will

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21 Day Vow of Silence

It’s been 21 days since I spoke a conscious word. Wow. I say conscious because there were a few times words slipped out without me even realizing. A few of those times were speaking to my cat and another few were swear words 😂 Heck even at the retreat I went to last year we

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I am a stand for you

It’s not about the likes or the followers It’s not about attention or receiving love (or sometimes maybe hate) It’s about the silent watchers who are experiencing something in their own bodies and they don’t know how to express it Its about the people who never interact yet will randomly message saying they feel like

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