Strength and power doesn’t always roar

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“Argh that’s enough” I exclaimed as I held my hands up in the stop symbol.

I stood there in the middle of the room not saying a word after that.

There had been yelling, blaming, retaliating happening.

But as I stood there in my quiet power the anger dissipated.

Most people in my presence will tell you that is who I am or what they experience of me – a calming influence.

I was able to have calm conversations with someone who was in defense mode.

Did I make a difference to her? Maybe, maybe not. She still has the power of choice to either listen and act or stay where she is.

I don’t have attachment to that because I know in that moment I made a difference then and there. Anything beyond that is out of my control.

But I didn’t need to be anyone but who I am in that moment to make a difference.

Remember that next time you feel you need to be something you aren’t.


When you find that power you get to play within the realms of that and see where it can take you.

I am quiet strength who roars when needed.

I choose when to speak. And when I choose to speak you probably will want to listen because I don’t just speak for the sake of speaking. I am not someone who feels a need to fill the silence with meaningless words.

You will feel me before you hear me.

I am me and that is my power.

Tell me, what is your power?

Xo S

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