Listen to the experts! They know best!

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Yes in many cases this can be completely true.

However in some it can be untrue.

For example – if I had listened to my GP instead of trusting my gut, my sons cholesteatoma would have grown to who knows what size and potentially worst case caused paralysis because he thought it was just an ear infection. We had to push to see a specialist.

Or if I had listened to an emergency GP I went to when I had water retention, couldn’t walk, rashes and jaundice and let them give me a steroid shot and send me home like they wanted I wouldn’t have found that my liver was at dangerous level of failing and needed help ASAP. This was after I had pancreatic cancer too which I had told the GP.

Oh also, after my cancer op I was given a drug via my IV (can’t remember what now because it was so long ago) anyway I had a serious reaction in the ICU and they realized it couldn’t be given to me that way. Not even a few hours later and my nurse was about to do the same thing and I had to tell him no they changed that. He went to go find out and said yes you are right your chart hadn’t been updated. If I hadn’t been awake when they were about to administer who knows what could have happened.

Or the fact after my last suicide attempt my doctor at the time just prescribed me some more pills that I could overdose on and sent me home. No questions. No sending me to an expert. No offer to give help. Nothing. Just more pills.

Another one – my mother in law was having sweats non stop and her doctor spent 5 years trying to figure out why and all it took was 5 minutes of googling her medications by my hubby and he said it’s this medication ask your doctor if they can change it or take you off it. She did and guess what no more sweats. Why did the expert not do the very same thing to figure it out instead of just piling more and more medication on her load?

It was my ‘uneducated’ husband who found the problem, not the ‘educated’ person who had studied for years.

I can go on with these stories, and I have had doctors and nurses apologize to me for not listening, and I am sure many others can add theirs too.

So no, I personally do not believe experts always know best.

Do you know how many doctors are currently being sued or have been for malpractice?

A lot.

Your GP can get it wrong. My last GP wasn’t afraid to google when he wasn’t sure about something.

Yes you read that right. He googled.

And I liked that because it meant he wasn’t afraid to admit he didn’t know something and try and learn more.

Yet people will say where did you get your medical degree from, google? As an insult. Interesting right?

So stop telling me the doctors and nurses and scientists are trained and know best.

Because it’s not always the truth.

You are allowed to look deeper.

Blind faith in your medical professional is not the way.

Hell even surgeons get it wrong. Ever heard of Doctor Death? (Screening now on Stan conveniently if you want to check it out haha)

Medical professionals are trained in a system that prescribes medications and makes money from those medications.

I watched the WHO last year state doctors receive 8 hours of vaccine training. That doesn’t seem like very much to me. That same conference they said vaccines cause auto immune disorders etc too. Very interesting. Perhaps training differs in different countries I am not sure.

And science can be bought. And has been bought many times over.

Only do the study for this many days because if you go over that then bad things happen and we can’t have that on record. If you don’t say or do this you will lose your university funding and you personally will lose your job.

True story. Go find out that for yourself.

So yes I do trust my gut and take responsibility for my own health and don’t blindly place my faith in a system that isn’t my own body.

I have no shame in not having a doctor to blame if I catch something and die.

I will have a huge amount of guilt and shame if I don’t listen to my intuition and just do what the doctor says and it goes wrong though.

And no this isn’t an attack on the whole medical industry and me not being grateful for the care I and my family have received in previous years.

If you know me and have known me for years you will know how much I’ve shared that I am grateful for the doctors and nurses who took care of me in hospital and the gross jobs they had to do.

I used to apologize to them every time they had to aspirate the bile out of my stomach. I found it gross, they were like meh.

They were amazing people and my surgeon and his team and my sons surgeon and team I couldn’t have asked for better.

I could never do their job. I am not afraid to admit that either.

This is simply to state that the experts don’t always get it right or know everything.

And if the experts haven’t researched every nook and cranny of information and have simply read a study or leaflet or email that was given to them then can they really be called an expert?

Does it mean I never listen to what they have to say and brush it off straight away? No it doesn’t.

I will always ask questions before accepting any kind of treatment.

I choose to listen with an open mind and a knowing that it’s not the only option I have.

No one knows everything. Not a single soul in this world knows everything.

Humans make mistakes. Including the experts.

Even my current GP, I say current but I only see her for Pap smears, is a women’s expert apparently.

Yet for my adenomyosis she put me on cyklocapron and wanted me to get an ablation. There was also mention of a hysterectomy. To which I said no to it all. There was no further investigation of my health or any reasons as to what is happening in my body.

She left it all up to me.

Fast forward a few years and some huge lifestyle and diet changes and no longer using pads and tampons and my period is not as heavy as it used to be and I never get pain anymore. I know the difference in the blood I lose and what those differences mean and how I can help that with some diet changes.

When I saw her for my last Pap smear last year and she asked how I was doing and I told her she was fascinated. Whether she did anything with that information I do not know. There have been no further ultrasounds done so I don’t know what it looks like in there but I know how I feel.

If I had just gone along with her I could have had an ablated womb or even no womb at all anymore, when clearly I have done ok without those procedures.

Yes, this is just me, and those procedures can have a place in a women’s journey. But for me it is only after exhausting every other option available that I would choose an option like those.

All I am saying is there are a lot more options out there than just what your doctor tells you.

And that is why I see things through my lens of perception.

Yours may differ and that’s ok.

I am simply inviting you to look a little deeper when your doctor gives you something.

Our connection with our bodies have been severed in this society we live in and that is a huge part of the problem.

I don’t claim to be an expert on all things, but when it comes to my body I have a pretty good idea of what is happening inside it.

So of my body I am an expert.

Me, no one else. I choose what goes in and what does not.

And I, in no way, shape or form, will ever allow that choice to be taken from me.

I will forever continue to ask questions when it comes to my own personal health before accepting any kind of treatment.

Xo S

If you have a story where if you had done what is normal and listened to the experts and it could have gone terribly wrong I would love for you to share in the comments about it.

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