Stretch marks are normal

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I’ve seen all the creams and surgeries and tips on getting rid of my stretch marks.

And yes I have tried many of them myself.

I’ve now also spent a long time loving my stretch marks and the way they sit on my body.

I love the dimples, I love the colours, I love what they symbolize.

And my scars? They symbolize a warrior who has overcome major health issues.

I love my body. All of it. Stretch marks are normal and you will never have me believe otherwise.

I am not perfect in loving myself every day though. Yes I still have days where I look in the mirror and think yuck I’m not doing that today.

But each day is a new day. If I can be honest with myself each day and not push something that isn’t actually an honest belief in my mind then I earn more trust with myself.

This is how I have grown my self love practice and belief in myself.

For me this is where affirmations don’t always have the power they could. Saying I am healthy while looking through your lens of distortion can create a disbelief in your head and you won’t stick with it.

It doesn’t feel integral.

Saying I am working towards my health and loving my body through that creates a different feeling.

That feels integral.

I am sure you know the difference in how it feels to believe something you are saying and to say something you feel you should believe but don’t quite just yet. If you don’t, give it a try now while looking in the mirror.

Find whatever works best for you. If saying I am statements does work for you then amazing! As long as it works for you it doesn’t matter what anyone else says about the practice.

My practice also includes the knowing that I have carried 3 beautiful children within the confines of my stretch marks. And the belief the stretch marks on the rest of my body show the growth I’ve experienced throughout this life I’ve been living.

Tell me now, why would I ever want to change those?

Tell me why would you ever want to change those? If not for society’s standards, would you ever want to?

Xo S

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