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Stretch marks are normal

I’ve seen all the creams and surgeries and tips on getting rid of my stretch marks. And yes I have tried many of them myself. I’ve now also spent a long time loving my stretch marks and the way they sit on my body. I love the dimples, I love the colours, I love what

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Fall and get back up

Today I fell into the cracks. Or should I say the gulley of social media and plastic surgery. Yes it was another one of those days. I found myself scrolling through hourglass figures and noticed my mind going into the I am not enoughness and my body isn’t enough as she is. The more I

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Are you a carrot or tea leaves?

This is a little different to the transformation pictures we all normally see and love. A bit backwards if you please haha There are 10kgs difference between these two pictures. The one on the left is a woman who is finally at her goal weight of pre baby weight (when 18 years old) and her

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