A little love note

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Hey you!

Yes you!

You are enough EXACTLY as you are in this current moment.

There is no need to embellish. There is no need to pretend. There is no need to hide your truth.

Even if you are crumpled in a ball on the bathroom floor with tears streaming down your face.

I want you to know it is all welcome.

If you aren’t doing a happy dance and twerking in the mirror you are enough.

If you are happily skipping through life right now you are worthy and allowed to share that.

This is your reminder.

The people in your life desire to be with YOU, see YOU, love YOU.

And believe me, they probably see you in a way you cannot imagine.

So go ahead and ask them.

It’s ok to ask for some uplifting if you are in a hole.

The beauty of you is beyond your imagining.

Receive it ❤️

Xo S

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