My body, My vessel

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This Body

This vessel

Is where I exist right now

Yes I’m the stars

Yes I’m nature

Yes I am connected to God

But this body

This body holds my soul until I return to the infiniteness

And I will do no such thing as dishonour this vessel by trying to be outside of her

The way she speaks my name as I move in the wind

The way she carries my weight on my 2 little feet

She deserves to be honoured

Not be forgotten or hidden from or escaped out of.

This body

She loves me

And I love her.

No amount of trying to escape into the god molecules

Or commune with divine beings

Or simply just pretend she isn’t one pure miracle

Could ever replace the true value of this vessel.

Human. That’s what it is.

And that is what I honour.

Right now.

My multi dimensional self chose this experience.

This human experience.

For a reason.

And I intend to make the most of every living moment I have here in this magical transport mode made of ingredients unavailable to anyone else.

This body, this vessel

She is one of a kind and she is mine.

Xo S

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