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The year of remembrance

You are worthy

Guided and safe

You are loved

Let the past be the stones you step on to follow your path

Deliciousness in your divinity

Melting moments in the pot of experience opening to the penetration of the ultimate power of your true nature

Power held in every thought

Think wisely

Falling under no spells as your highest good serves you well

Step by step

You know, you have always known and now your cells are remembering.

This is the year your worth is held and honoured.

Your heart has been torn open to the divine codes you have called in.

You are worthy of it all.

Let that love shine into all the wounds opened by the years of abandonment of yourself.

You are just beginning.

Every day, is the beginning.

Every day you choose yourself

Every day you are remembering.

Say Hello to you.

The remembered warrior woman with access to the things you don’t even need to try to access.

This is your birthright

This is who you are

This is the year you remember.

Xo S

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