She is You

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Soul awakening

Magic fire within



Mind open, exploring

The stars shine

The universe knows

Enveloped in the earth

The dew drops tenderly kiss her face

The moon smiles with her

The tears silently stream the gratitude for what she is here to fulfil

She is held

So deeply by the sisters who support her

And the universe that loves her

The fire reignites

The ancestors dancing for the magic that has been created

Celebration for the codes that have been received

Visions of who she used to be

Visions of who she has now become

Tap tap tap

Tsk tsk tsk

She speaks

She laughs

She exists

Playing in her human

Knowing she is infinite

Butterfly feet dancing on the earth

The ocean songs emanating from her pores

Pain transmuted

Love, held in love

Laughter, held in laughter

Sadness, held in sadness


Always held

She is nothing

But nothing can’t be held

So she is everything

Truth. She is truth.

Scary, it seems

Although unafraid

She welcomes the experience

Of this life

Of all lives before

Stardust she sprinkles

Pianos she plays

Love she kisses

Holding those she loves to the earth

Reminding them of their life

Anchor in the light

Making love to the universe

Making love to herself

Mmm there it is

Happiness. She is happiness.

With a little bit of crazy

And a whole lot of love

And space. So much space. To hold.

Deep knowing and trust in the space she provides

Remember. Remember.

No words. Just touch. Nothing she needs to say

Her love will caress you

Let her in

She is waiting

She is here.

Xo S

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