My 7 Day Water Fast

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Now before I go any further I want to let you know that I have been water fasting since 2018 so I didn’t jump into this to follow a fad and I didn’t do it to lose weight.

I have an amazing relationship with my body and I am learning more and more how to tune into what she needs.

I noticed my energy had become all over the show and I had a big rash that popped up on my thighs that made it painful to walk. The last time this happened to me my liver was toxic.

So I, knowing it was school holidays and I didn’t have to go anywhere, chose to do a 7 day water fast to cleanse my body, mind and soul.

The benefits touted of an extended fast are

• Improves Body Composition and Fitness

• Promotes Greater Satiety

• Boosts Your Metabolism

• Supports Fat Loss and Ketosis

• Improves Cardiovascular Health

• Lowers Blood Pressure Decreases Blood Sugar

• Improves Blood Triglycerides

• Promotes Heart Health

• May Slow Aging and Enhance Longevity

• Decreases Inflammation

• Increases Resistance to Oxidative Stress

• Improves Cell Recycling

• Increases Growth Regulation

• Protects Your Brain

• Reduces Harmful Protein Production

• Promotes a Healthy Stress Response

• Supports Healthier Collagen in Skin

But I was just going to be happy with clearing up my rash and giving my digestive system a rest.

Having already had Pancreatic Cancer and having a whipple procedure done ( they removed half my stomach, 2/3 pancreas, duodenum, gall bladder and 30 lymph nodes) my digestive system isn’t like other humans with theirs intact. So a rest is always nice and I always feel amazing afterwards, even if not during. (This fast was different though!)

I always remind myself that ancient humans had to go out to look for food. And often, for many days there was nothing, besides those internal reserves. They needed a clear head to hunt on an empty stomach, otherwise they wouldn’t survive. And this keeps me going.

Now fasting isn’t a diet. You can use the technique of fasting to implement losing weight, yes, but fasting is a way of opening up and reaching a different physical state for me.

And as I know many people like to know, yes I’ve lost weight, I lost 6.4kgs. And the amazing thing is the only measurements that changed on my body were of my waist and stomach. So that just shows how much crap and toxins are stored in that area of our body!

I kept a small diary so I’ll paste that below for you to see. (It does mention bodily wastes so be warned 😂)

SW 70.5kg

Felt good, a little tired but not sure if that’s because of the late night beforehand

Day 2 69.2kg

Feeling pretty good. Not as tired as I thought I might be. Went to the toilet to poo 3 times today.

Day 3 68.9kg

Didn’t get much sleep but feeling good. A little bit of hunger due to emotional response to a discussion and wanting to emotional eat.

Day 4 67.2kg

Can’t believe how much energy I have for this fast. Every day has been so different to my last fasts and I’m wondering if it’s because I had a colonic a few days before I started fasting. The rash on my thighs is gone now!

Day 5 66.1kg

Still feeling amazing! Noticed a bit of dizziness coming in to play now so have added some electrolytes to my water to see if that helps. Also had a small watery poo, had a slight headache in the evening but it went away pretty fast. Rory made me wait in the sun today while he was at a massage and my crankiness was high but I didn’t have the energy to choose to be angry haha

Day 6 65.4kg

Still feeling good. A little breathless but that is fixed with a sip or two of electrolytes.

Mouth tastes fluffy. Interestingly I’ve noticed more snot in my nose and gunk in my eyes. I guess when the body detoxes it detoxes in all places it can 🤷🏽‍♀️

Urine has been a steady pale yellow colour, not clear which is good.

Mentally I feel tuned in and amazing!

Day 7 65.1kg

Woke up and needed to poo. Dark chunks came out so that’s interesting. Feeling the most tired and breathless of the whole week but still feeling good otherwise. Another 2 poos. Struggling to get in my water today.

Day 8 64.3

Bye bye bloat

Definitely ready to eat again! Feeling super tired and breathless this morning so my body has definitely had enough. But my vision is feeling clearer. I had heard that this happens but it’s fun seeing it for myself. Although it’s probably easier to get the same effect from using sananga on your eyes 😂 7 days no food or a few minutes of burning eyeballs? Haha

The art of the fast is not in how long you can do it. But as much in the re-feeding, the coming out of it, as it is in the fast itself.”

Off to buy yummy organic food to start bringing food back into my life 😍 broke my fast with some broth at about 11am ❤️

So as you can see my energy was pretty steady throughout this fast. I drank about 2.5l of water a day, which is important as you don’t want to be drinking too much water for your body or you will flush all the electrolytes in your body out. If your urine is clear that’s an indication you are over hydrated. The recommendation is approx 35ml per kg of body weight. But if you take notice of your urine you will know if that’s enough or you need to drink more.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing this willy nilly, and if never done before I wouldn’t do it without medical supervision. It can be dangerous to do and can even lead to cardiac arrest if you are not careful. There are certain people who shouldn’t fast either so it’s always best to check in with your health professional, or someone who specializes in fasting.

And remember – I’m no doctor or professional these are just things I’ve picked up along the way from my experience.

Every fool can fast, but only a wise man knows how to break a fast

George Bernard Shaw
Photo a day for 8 days of fasting. Can’t see much of a change.

And there you have it. My 7 (actually 7 days, 13 hours and 21 minutes if you want to get specific 😜) fasting experience.

Feeling reset in body mind and soul and it feels so damn good!

I didn’t have to adjust anything in my life for this fast. I road tripped with a friend to the Gc one morning, and did all the usual things I normally do. The only day that was hard was my last day while grocery shopping for my food and breaking my fast. And that is probably because I didn’t take my water with me! Haha

Also, for full transparency my other fasts have included a lot of lethargy, headaches, unable to move and mood shifts, so it’s not always like it has been this time round.

Loving Life!!!

Tell me have you ever fasted? Did you feel the benefits?

Xo S

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