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She is You

Dreamweaver Soul awakening Magic fire within Passionate Motivated Mind open, exploring The stars shine The universe knows Enveloped in the earth The dew drops tenderly kiss her face The moon smiles with her The tears silently stream the gratitude for what she is here to fulfil She is held So deeply by the sisters who

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Me + Integration

Recently I was going through the biggest integration experience I’ve ever felt. My entire body had aches and pains along with the most horrible migraines and I just did not want to human anymore. But I allowed it all. I didn’t shame myself for feeling the things I was feeling. I knew they were just

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The Infinite Human

The other week I sat in a ceremony which was everything I asked for and more. My life contract being fulfilled in what was peaceful, and yet not so peaceful, moments in time. Held by a man I trust with my life and my beautiful soul sisters who I know can hold me through anything.

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