Labels don’t make anyone special

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This is for the people who read, watch and hear all the things being shouted online.

Take note – They aren’t special because they apply a label to themselves.

They may have more belief in themselves but that doesn’t make them more important for humanity.

You are human. A spiritual being in a human form.

That makes you a star seed. That makes all humans star seeds. There is no checklist that makes you (or them) special.

We are all chosen by god.

In fact every time I see a list of what makes you an empath, or a star seed, or a reincarnation of freaking Jesus, I giggle because it can be applied to almost every human on this planet.

We are all Inter-connected. It’s also why so many people claim to have had a past life as someone well known such as Cleopatra.

It’s more likely their ego telling them that they are more special than others. Maybe they need the validation to function at their best? I have no idea.

And that’s cool. We all have egos. It’s not about getting rid of your ego.

Ego is human. And I love that they feel good about themselves.

We all get to live out our lives how we see fit.

If that’s talking to galactic beings cool.

It won’t make you more special than anyone else. Everyone has that ability if they choose to tap into it.

Have a big purpose on your heart? Cool. Go achieve that.

Still won’t make you more important for humanity than someone else whose main purpose is to build buildings, or teach children, or find water, or feed their family, or watch a whole series in one day on their tv.

Every human being on this planet is a part of it.

Every human on this planet has a role equally as important as others.

Stop using what you think is more important to inflate your ego and tell you that you are more important.

It’s only more important to you. And that’s great. For you. Don’t diminish another human because it’s not important for them.

And vice versa – don’t allow your ego to tell you that maybe you aren’t doing enough or speaking enough or contributing enough.

Whichever side of the scale you fall on, take notice of what is happening.

We are all unique.

Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

Reminding yourself of this the next time you go to deliver a message for humanity based on your own values could be the difference between operating from ego and not.

So if you are reading this and still feel confused or not enough because of others messages know that you are your purpose.

You are on path.

You do not need to follow someone else’s path just because it worked for them or you perceive it as more important.

You being here is important. Everything else is just a bonus.

So stand up. Or stay seated in your own journey.

As long as you make sure it is your own journey!

Be inspired yet don’t turn that inspiration into comparison though.

Don’t add yourself to the cookie cutter human list because you think you need to do what others are doing.

Don’t pedastool. Trust me. It’s a waste of your energy. Those people are not different to you.

You will know when things feel right. There will be a little niggle of fear because it’s something new, but your heart will rejoice.

So I’ll finish with this statement for you to remember for yourself – there is no hierarchy in the spiritual world.

We all matter. We are all connected.

Xo S

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