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Why do the words Best friend trigger me?

I have come to realise the words best friends and bestie create a reaction in my body now that I had been trying to avoid. I have noticed I have stopped referring to friends as those words. They come with pain and a reminder of hurt for me. And after all, why do we as

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And she has risen

From the ashes of the fire she rose She had journeyed into her heart to retrieve the pieces of her soul that had been fragmented. Healing all that wasn’t hers to hold. Releasing the demons that plagued her inner most being. She embraced the pain, she embraced it for all that it meant. For all

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Sisterhood is magic

Held. Received. Turned on. The 3 things that came to my mind this weekend after experiencing two of my beautiful sisters in their magic. As I lay there receiving their magic, which is literally the only way to describe them in their powers, I came to massive realizations. One being I am so held and

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