Deep reflection of the life I’ve called in

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Sitting here in deep reflection.

This life that is happening for me and to me that I have called in.

Sometimes it scares me but mostly it inspires me.

The sisterhood that I have holding me now is beyond words.

The deep reverence and honour we have for each other and the people we desire to be is like nothing else I have ever experienced.

Life gets to be this safe.

Life gets to feel this good.

When we are together the ripples are obvious.

The presence that we initiate in each other and witness and feel is something I could never have imagined receiving.

That’s not to say in the past I haven’t had amazing experiences and connection with friends.

Like anything in life though, the more we move forward and live life as we choose, the more the experience changes and upgrades as we do.

It’s not about being better, it’s about different paths.

We are not all meant to walk the same path. Or in each other’s footsteps.

But we can choose to walk alongside each other and cheer each other on and light each other up.

This next phase of life I am entering, we are entering, humanity is entering, is truly out of this world.

The veils are thinning.

More and more people are beginning to see.

And this excites me so much.

And this tribe of women that I have called in to stand beside I am forever grateful for.

I know I have this.

I know we have this.

I know the more people who choose this, that they have this too.

The falling away is happening.

And as the pieces fall away, the pieces that are coming in fill an even bigger space.

I am being met with frequencies that I am learning to hold deeper and deeper.

I feel the contractions and yet open my heart in an expansion like I’ve never felt before.

These times are for choosing those who uplift you.

These times are for choosing the You that is the version you thought was only a dream.

It’s not only a dream.

This world is a world where anything is possible.

If you follow the threads of your existence you may be surprised what arrives for you.

Trust. Embrace trust. Open your heart. Open your mind. Your body knows the way. Allow your mind to rest for a while.

And integrate.

Xo S

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