Sisterhood is magic

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Turned on.

The 3 things that came to my mind this weekend after experiencing two of my beautiful sisters in their magic.

As I lay there receiving their magic, which is literally the only way to describe them in their powers, I came to massive realizations.

One being I am so held and supported and loved and seen by my sisters.

I never thought of myself as having sisterhood wounds. Yet as I go through almost every relationship I’ve had with a woman there have been things that happened that put me back in my shell and I learnt not to trust over and over again.

Never feeling quite understood or that it was ok to be my whole and complete self. Very few have ever got to experience that me in the past.

I had been searching and searching never quite finding what I was looking for.

But now I have found it. And I feel so settled.

A sisterhood that sees me for all that I am and loves me not despite everything but because of everything.

A sisterhood where I never have to pretend everything is ok because they hear me in my silence.

A sisterhood that calls me forward and supports me in my full potentiality and holds me when I just don’t feel I have the strength to move forward for a day.

It exists. I had been searching for something I thought didn’t exist. But I kept faith.

Sister wounds have been healed.

Love what you do

Love who you are

Dance like a child

Sing like a star

Magic is real

If that’s how you feel

Surrender in love

Below as above

Alexia Chellun

Being in a room of 60 women all experiencing being held and received and supported was truly healing in more ways than I can put into words.

I even wanted to run at one point. This is too much I heard my ego say. Get up and leave. Hell I didn’t even decide to go until the day of the event.

But that was my inner little girl remembering what it’s like to feel so afraid and not be held in it.

But she was held. And so she experienced healing.

And I am so grateful.

I have so much love for women. And I’m so grateful for the women I am blessed to call my sisters who have truly taught me the meaning of sisterhood and what it’s like to be seen, held, supported and loved as all of me.

And my inner man, fuck I love you. I feel your power within my bones and the strength within my base that you provide. I also have a sneaking suspicion you love it when I take you axe throwing 😉

Family isn’t always blood. It’s in the soul and it’s felt. It’s not just a word.

My heart is happy.

And maybe, just maybe, this has all happened due to all the work I’ve done in unbecoming everything I wasn’t and trusting in everything that I am.

Xo S

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