This body of mine

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This body is not only mine but a continuation of my parents, grandparents, great grandparents and all of my ancestors.

This is our body. Without them it would not exist.

As I walk and learn and teach all that I come to know, so too, do all the people who came before me and are a part of my history.

And in this sense that means that no one I am connected to is ever gone. They are never lost to me. They are a part of me. So I do not fear death or losing my loved ones.

Every laugh, cry, moment of anger, feeling of sadness belongs to us all.

This is why I choose the path I have chosen.

To play with my demons and delve into my shadows and dance with butterfly feet.

Because as I do this I liberate all of the past traumas and pain that have been experienced in my lineage.

As I do this more and my vibration lifts and I feel the flood of warmth and love deep within my bones I also feel the pride and gratitude of my ancestors.

Because to free myself is to free them.

And freedom is all so many have desired.

I will not be locked in a box to make you feel comfortable.

I will not hide away to put you at ease.

To do so would dishonour all those who fought for their freedoms and ownership of their own bodies and temples before me.

Today I plant my stake in the ground.

I am woman,

I am a future ancestor of my children’s children,

And they will know that this ancestor chose love over fear. That I chose to be against the norm and go against the grain. I chose to believe in myself and what I could achieve.

I chose to own my power.

I did the best with what I knew just as my ancestors did.

Mistakes have been a part of that and that is perfectly ok. I refuse to be a person who contributed to my children or their children feeling unworthy or not good enough because they made a mistake.

There is only love now for the experiences my ancestors had and for the ones I’ve had too.

Today is the day I reclaim all of me and my history.

It is a part of me but it is not me.

I am a warrior woman with a heart of love and fairy dust.

I wear my crown so that all who come after me aren’t afraid to wear their crowns too.

You can try to throw me to the wolves but instead you may not realise they come when I call.

So the next time you see this body, your body, or any other body, remind yourself that it is the body of the ancestors.

That is powerful. You are powerful.

You are here for a reason and that reason is to be you.

You have arrived, You are home ❤️

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Xo S

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