Disconnected society

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As I sit here in a food court and look around seeing all these people seperated from each other and sitting on their phones not even glancing up I realize how disconnected we have become as a society.

(And yes I’m aware of the irony of being on my phone writing this haha)

Where will we be in the next year or 4, 5 or 10 years?

Will we be so avoidant of each other we won’t even look at each other?

I’ve always been someone who really dislikes when people are on their phones while we are dining together, or even just in each other’s presence, especially if it’s been a while since seeing each other.

Presence is important to me. If you cannot give me presence for a short meal then my time is clearly not important to you.

Many times I’ve sat with tables of people watching as they all sit on their phones instead of chatting to each other.

Sometimes though someone will surprise me and say I’m putting my phone down and will give you presence in one second I just have to respond to this, and then they do it.

Those are the people I cherish.

The ones who know how valuable time truly is with our loved ones.

We can get on socials at any time in our life why not enjoy the presence of another human being for this moment?

So next time you go to pick up your phone while in the presence of another human being think to yourself is it necessary right now to do what I’m going to do? And if it’s not, leave your phone in your pocket.

Putting my phone down now to enjoy my own presence hehe

Xo S

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