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Feedback is your friend

“You feel different”. It’s a comment I receive so regularly now. I’m not really surprised, I am grateful though, when it comes from the people who have been at ground level of my development work because they have seen me warts and all. When it comes from my friends who have been in my life

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A witness to love

Have you ever witnessed so much love being poured into a person that the energy is palpable and everyone’s bodies are moving with this energy and emotion is abundant? This energy injects the space with something that cannot be put into words and is an honour to experience and witness. I’ve experienced love in so

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What is a safe space?

It’s virtually impossible to be a strong space holder unless we have others who will hold space for us. We need to know there are some who we can be vulnerable with without fear of being judged. To truly support people we cannot take their power away, instead we get to empower them to make

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