Opening my heart

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Just when I think I could never experience a better compliment I do.

Like “I could stand here with you staring at each other all day, your energy is so beautiful”

“Wow your heart and womb are so open and clear, they speak very clearly.”

And last but not least

“Wow your heart feels like a bed of rose petals that I want to lay down in and receive all the love pouring from your open-ness .

(All of these from women. Sister wounding long gone 🌬)

I love it when people feel me in that way 🥰

I love that the openness, surrender, love and devotion that I hold in my heart is not only being felt by my husband now but by those around me too.

I was told many years ago I have a big heart. And I laughed because I didn’t believe it.

People annoyed me, people do still annoy me sometimes. Hello humanness!

Yet I find myself in the company of more and more people and not feeling so itchy and on edge to get out of there like I used to.

Who knew safety and opening my heart could have this kind of effect on me?

I always felt like opening my heart meant danger of being hurt. And maybe it can be that sometimes. But in the allowance of it I have learnt that I receive beautiful gifts and if something happens to end, while that may hurt, I trust I have received what I was meant to receive from the relationship.

There are always lessons to be learned. Even if we don’t always want to feel that way.

How have you opened yourself recently? How could you open yourself more?

Xo S

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